(1) The effective chlorine content of pure DCCNa is 64.5%, and the effective chlorine content of high quality product is more than 60%. It has strong disinfection and sterilization effect, and the sterilization rate reaches 99% at 20ppm. It has strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria, algae, fungi and bacteria.

(2) The LD50 of trichloroisocyanuric acid is as high as 1.67g/kg (the median lethal dose of trichloroisocyanuric acid is only 0.72-0.78 g / kg). DCCNa has been approved to be used in food and drinking water disinfection.

(3) It can be used not only in food and beverage processing industry and drinking water disinfection, cleaning and disinfection in public places, but also in industrial circulating water treatment, household sanitation disinfection and aquaculture disinfection.

(4) The solubility of DCCNa in water is very high. 30 g DCCNa can be dissolved in 100 ml water at 25 ℃. Even in aqueous solution with water temperature as low as 4 ° C, DCCNa can rapidly release all available chlorine contained in DCCNa, making full use of its disinfection and sterilization effect. The chlorine value of other solid chlorine containing products (except chloroisocyanuric acid) is much lower than that of DCCNa due to low solubility or slow release of chlorine.

(5) Because of the high stability of triazine ring in chloroisocyanuric acid products, DCCNa is stable. It is determined that the loss of available chlorine of DCCNa after drying is less than 1% after one year storage.

(6) The product is solid and can be made into white powder or granules, which is convenient for packaging and transportation, and also convenient for users to choose and use.

Post time: May-10-2021